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Tools Vhf

Designed and manufactured in Germany, made of high-quality materials (carbide and diamond). They cover a wide range of applications: milling tools, cutting blades, engraving burins, deburring tools, threading tools and more.

Rigid plastics and foams Aluminum and composites Solid wood and plywood

Rigid plastics and foams

Single-edged with polished finish

Single-edged with polished finish

Milling cutter with one cutting edge and polished finish, with a 25-degree cutting angle. Excellent discharge reduces the risk of clogging the chip extraction channel. This tool’s cutting edge is multifaceted, ensuring a smooth and uniform finish even at high performance and rotational speed.
WORKABLE MATERIALS: Plexiglas, polycarbonate, forex, wood.

Bulini per incisione plastiche

Engraving burins for plastics

Tapered tools with a single edge at 30-, 60- and 90-degree angles. They are made with a polished finish cutting edge, allowing for optimal chip extraction while providing a clean and precise engraving.
MACHINABLE MATERIALS: Plexiglas, polycarbonate, forex and wood.

Box Gravers

Box Gravers

Engravers with a 92-degree angle, ideal for chamfering and creating boxes in plastic materials. The 2 additional degrees of the engraving angle allow space for placing the assembly material.
WORKABLE MATERIALS: Plexiglas, polycarbonate, forex, wood.

MCD Diamond polishing tools

MCD Diamond polishing tools

Our monocrystalline diamond tools are made of pure carbon and are extremely resistant to wear and tear. Although they have been produced synthetically, they have the same characteristics as natural diamonds. This ultra-hard material ensures that the cutting edges are polished. MCD tools are excellent for polishing acrylic glass to a high gloss.

Aluminum and composites



Durable, single-edged tools. They are made with carbide and with a 30-degree exhaust coil designed and manufactured to be used with various types of material. They are also available with an SHC cover which consists of a very durable carbon layer.
WORKABLE MATERIALS: aluminum, aluminum composite, brass, copper, plastics and wood.

V Slot

V Slot

Extremely balanced tool with a 90-degree cutting angle, allowing for high-speed machining. It can be sharpened again. It is specifically designed for cutting aluminum composite and its subsequent at 90 degrees.
MACHINABLE MATERIALS: aluminum composite.

Solid wood and plywood

Two-edge cutters for wood

Two-edge cutters for wood

Two-edged cutting tool that prevents fraying of the cutting edges during the milling process. The geometry of the tool allows the material to be milled gently. Thanks to its SHC coating, this tool is also very durable.

Utensile a tre taglientiper superfici

Three-edged tool for surfaces

The tool consists of a steel shank, a carbide-coated head, and three cutting edges with a 30-degree angle and an edge radius of 0.5 mm. The tool can be resharpened and is used for surface planning of different materials such as wood composite, aluminum and non-ferrous metals.



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